About Lens And Leash

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A picture is worth a thousand words is a common saying that dates back to the early 1900’s and with the age of social media and camera phones we are bombarded with photos on a daily basis in the hundreds if not thousands. Are we taking for granted what an actual picture can convey and if you had to describe a powerful photo could it be described in a thousand words, a hundred words or just one word? We want to partner with photographers that believe in our mission and want to show their artistic talent through highlighting animals in various shelters and adoption centers across the nation. Through their lens we will get to meet these incredible creatures that have their own story to tell, their own personalities to show off and in the end a wonderful family to call home.

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I find in life that there are not many people that have not been touched in one way or another by an animal or pet. I admit that I am a huge pug lover and some people might even consider me a “crazy pug lady” but I wear this badge with pride. I had many different animals growing up in Wyoming, such as outdoor cats that scoured our property for mice, rabbits that enjoyed the yard on warm sunny days and then the Chinese Sharpei that I convinced my parents I just had to have in 8th grade. My first true pet of my own was given to me by my now husband 10 years ago on Christmas. My utter shock when this little ball of wrinkles and fur walked in the room would solidify my love for pugs for life. After about a year of having Puddles I felt I was ready to up the ante and get another pug but this time a little black feisty girl named Muddy. I will tell you right now no two pugs are alike and man these two could not be more different. My heart however grew bigger in my love for her. I truly believe that animals bring out the best in us, due to their unconditional love for us. I would love to be able to help each and every animal out there find an incredible forever home. That leads me and my brother to our mission of helping animals at shelters and adoption centers find wonderful loving homes for the rest of their furry lives through a more artistic approach. We want to work with passionate and talented photographers to create stories of these animals so more people can learn about the animals that need homes in their area. By featuring these animals on various social media channels and highlighting the shelters that they are currently living at we can make more people aware of these incredible creatures that need a loving home. Welcome to Lens and Leash!

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For many years, I have wanted to be able to help animals across the country that have been abused, abandoned or are in kill shelters. I was able to adopt a couple of amazing furbabies (Sunny And Bronson) back in 2013 and it completely changed my life. Since then, I have wanted to adopt more but my living situation hasn’t allowed for it. Since this was the case, I have always wondered if there was a way for me to help on a different level. For the past couple of months, I have really been drawn to photography and I saw a great news article on how a couple hired a professional photographer to do a photoshoot with their new puppy. It was adorable and a lightbulb went off. Why can’t we partner with photographers to go into local animal shelters to setup professional photoshoots of the animals that are available for adoption. I have seen quite a few animal rescue stories go viral on social media and how people come together and almost always, the animal finds a great forever home. I have a background in online marketing so I asked myself, can I create that for animals across the country and get great exposure for adoption centers as well. When my sister and I started talking the idea started coming together for Lens And Leash.