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A Ball Of Love Even Though She Was A Victim Of Neglect

Written by Lens And Leash

Lens And Leash: Who is this adoption story about?

Sadie Monaghan: Roxy my 6 year old female black lab/pit mix.

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt?

Sadie Monaghan: We have wanted a family dog for some time, and after getting settled in a new home we knew we wanted a dog to join us for adventures in the mountains!

Lens And Leash: When and where did you adopt Roxy?

Sadie Monaghan: Animal Adoption Center, Jackson, WY

Lens And Leash: How old was Roxy when you adopted her and do you know anything about her life before you adopted her?

Sadie Monaghan: Roxy is 6 and was a victim of a neglect case. She was surrendered in Idaho and brought to the AAC in January.

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt Roxy specifically?

Sadie Monaghan: Roxy is a giant ball of love, good with cats and dogs and kids, and we immediately knew she was the right dog.

Lens And Leash: What is your favorite quirk about Roxy?

Sadie Monaghan: She bounces up and down when she’s excited to go out and she eats snow!

Lens And Leash: Did you have to do any training with her after you adopted her?

Sadie Monaghan: No, she’s been amazing.

Lens And Leash: What tips or pieces of advice would you offer to people that are looking to adopt for the first time?

Sadie Monaghan: Make sure you’re ready and that your pet matches not just your lifestyle but your family members – human and animal alike!

Lens And Leash: Would you adopt again and would you adopt from the same shelter/rescue?

Sadie Monaghan: Absolutely.

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