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From Separation Anxiety To Total Freedom

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There seems to be a lot of stigma and misconceptions that revolve around certain breeds of dogs, especially Pitbulls. This is really sad. Most of them are loving souls with hearts of gold, but because of their breed, many of them will never find their forever home.

Every dog should have their fair chance to find a loving family, regardless of their breed or past.

If you find yourself tensing up every time one of these dogs are around or have any doubt that they would make a perfect addition to your home and family, I think this post will completely change your perspective.

I’m pleased to introduce you to this Shar Pei/Pit mix named Remi.

He’s an amazing dog who has overcome some incredible things in his life as well as a lengthy stay in a shelter. However, he doesn’t let this get him down. In fact, he still has plenty of love to give the Smith family.

Let’s go over what the Smiths have to say about how Remi became a part of their lives.

Some people are wary when it comes to adopting animals, especially when it comes to older animals and certain types of breeds. This is understandable when you think about it. After all, there’s really no way to tell what the animal has been through or what kind of lasting affects there may be.

However, think of it this way, would you want someone to judge you by what they think you might be, or by who you really are? Some things in life are worth taking a chance for. I think we can all agree that saving a life is one of those things.

Here’s what led the Smith family to adopt.

Lens and Leash: What made you decide to adopt?

The Smiths: I had been wanting a dog for a while I knew there were tons of dogs at the animal shelter and animal adoption center that needed a good home. I knew I could give a rescue dog an amazing life!

Remi is not your average name and Remi is also not your average dog. I bet you’re wondering how he got such a unique name. Well, here’s the breakdown from the Smith’s.

Lens and Leash: Does Remi’s “name” have a special meaning or story behind it?

The Smiths: His name was originally Romeo which I was not a fan… one of our friends suggested Remi and it just stuck!

So, now you know what made the Smith family decide to adopt as well as how Remi got his awesome name. However, we still haven’t gone over how old Remi was when they discovered him or where they were lucky enough to cross paths with each other.

This is what the Smith’s had to say about how old Rumi was when they welcomed him into their home and their hearts and where they were lucky enough to find him at.

Lens and Leash: How old were they when you adopted them, and do you know anything about their life before you adopted them?

The Smiths: Remi was around 12 months when we got him. He came from the Wind River reservation in Dubois and had been in the shelter for about 6 months.

Sometimes bonds can be formed immediately. Have you ever met a person or animal that you had an instant connection with? That’s exactly what happened with the Smith’s and Remi. From day one, there was no question that they had found their perfect fit.

So, how did Remi steal their hearts?

Lens and Leash: Why did you adopt them specifically and was there any hesitation in adopting them because of breed, stigma or anything else?

The Smiths: I had fostered other dogs before and after I met Remi, but I knew Remi and I were meant for each other. We went for a hike the second time I fostered him, and it was like we had done it a million times before and we would do it a million more. He was my buddy right away, and still never willingly leaves my side.

Do any of your furry little friends do something that puts a smile on your face, no matter what kind of mood you might be in?

So does Remi! I think you’ll find this next response cute, funny, and quite interesting.

Lens and Leash: What is your favorite quirk about them and what is their favorite things to do?

The Smiths: He purrs like a cat. When my husband or I cuddle with him or give him nub rubs he will purr and it is painfully cute. Also, his ears look like little Doritos.

There seems to be a belief that the past will follow a dog for a lifetime. I guess this may be true in some situations, but it’s far from being the case with every single dog. It’s important to remember that there is still hope for the majority of dogs/animals, no matter what they may have been through.

Being in a shelter for half a year can cause some mental and emotional damage. Remi had a little bit of a separation anxiety issue when he first came home, but the Smith’s worked with him and made this issue a thing of the past.

Check out some of the backstory on how Remi became a well-behaved, trusting, and loyal dog.

Lens and Leash: Did you have to do any training with them after you adopted them or have people ever been hesitant on approaching them before getting to know them?

The Smiths: When we started looking for a dog my husband really wanted a puppy, but I wanted nothing to do with potty training (sorry pups). I brought Remi home and he was ready to adventure. He had a little bit of separation anxiety so for the first year we had him we created him. But now he roams the house and sleeps on the couches. We were incredibly lucky to have to do minimal training with him. He was happy doing anything as long as he is with me or my husband.

While it’s amazing to save lives and adopt when you can, it’s important to understand that it’s not something you want to jump into if you aren’t prepared. The last thing any of us would want to do is cause more harm than good.

If you’re wondering if you have what it takes to save a shelter animals life, check out these helpful tips from the Smith family for first time adopters.

Lens and Leash: What tips or pieces of advice would you offer to people that are looking to adopt for the first time?

The Smiths: Having a dog is a lot of work. Way more work than I ever thought it would be, I would never trade that ever and it is worth all the effort, but you shouldn’t go into it thinking it will be easy. Dogs take time, money, patience understanding and at least 12 years of your life. If you can’t commit to that you should rethink getting a dog.

I hope this story has given you the same warm feeling inside that it gives me. It literally makes my day every time I hear about an animal being pulled from the hopeless environment of a shelter. It gives them their deserved opportunity to live a happy and meaningful life while blessing the families that take them in at the same time.

The time to make a difference in the amount of shelter animals is now! We can all do our part, person by person, shelter by shelter, animal by animal. The power is in our hands. Let’s use it wisely!

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