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A Heartbreaking Loss Led To Two New Best Friends

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This adoption story will touch your heart in a very special way. The Boomer family was dealing with a heartbreaking loss. Instead of allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by grief, they made the decision to help animals in need. The Boomer’s added a couple additions to their family and provide their new furry little friends with love that they have likely never had.

Want to know more of the story? Just keep reading and you’ll get the whole scoop.

Lens and Leash: Who is this adoption story about (name, breed, age, gender, etc…)? When and where did you adopt them and would you adopt from the same shelter/rescue in the future?

Keeley Bommer: “Woody now aged 9 years- beagle/basset mix- Animal Adoption Center, 2012. Rayleigh aged 4 years – chocolate lab – Animal Adoption Center, 2017″

It’s wonderful that the Bommer’s decided to adopt Woody back in 2012, but it’s simply incredible that they decided to adopt another dog five years later.

So, what made the Bommer family decide to adopt and welcome not only one new addition, but two?

Lens and Leash: What made you decide to adopt?

Keeley Bommer: Too many animals need good homes and a chance to be happy, why wouldn’t you adopt!

It’s always interesting to learn about how an animal gets their name. Sometimes a name comes from personality while other times it comes from some sort of sentimental value. I think you’re really going to love how these dogs became known as Woody and Rayleigh.

Take a look at how these incredible dogs got their names.

Lens and Leash: Does their “name” have a special meaning or story behind it?

Keeley Bommer: Woody came with his name and it suits him to a tee! Rayleigh never really had a name so we named her after a small town in England near to where I grew up.

One of the most interesting parts of an adoption story is learning how old an animal was, as well as what kind of past they had before finally discovering their forever home. The story of Woody and Rayleigh’s adoption is no different. Simply put, these two dogs have quite the story to tell.

Check out what the Bommer family had to say about Woody and Rayleigh’s journey that brought them to their home.

Lens and Leash: How old were they when you adopted them and do you know anything about their life before you adopted them?

Keeley Bommer: Woody was approximately 6 months old. He had been travelling the highway in Star Valley with his mum and sibling and had been very elusive with capture. He was extremely smart and learnt most of his commands by osmosis! Rayleigh was a neglected 4 year dog who was fed people food and was probably used for puppies. She nearly died from pneumonia before we could even adopt her. She didn’t answer to a name but was very loving from the very start.

Sometimes we have to face a loss in life. The people and animals we love won’t be here forever. Losing a pet is absolutely heartbreaking. If you’ve ever been through it before, you’re well aware of the fact that our furry little friends are much more than just a pet, they’re a member of the family.

The reason the Bommer’s adopted their two new family members will definitely pull on your heart strings.

Lens and Leash: Why did you adopt them specifically and was there any hesitation in adopting them because of breed, stigma or anything else?

Keeley Bommer: Woody was the complete opposite in look from the English Mastiff that we suddenly lost due to some kind of cancer. He was a very welcome addition to a heart broken family. Rayleigh was always meant to be ours. We went into the Adoption Center looking for a smaller dog to keep Woody company after he lost our other rescue who was 16years old when he passed and there was a sick Rayleigh. Once I climbed in the cage with her to keep her company my husband knew it was a done deal. We know that labs can be stubborn but also extremely smart and we knew that Rayleigh had not had the best start to life so we went into the adoption with our eyes wide open.

A strong connection is important when it comes to adoptions. Finding an animal that can put a smile on your face and has no problem expressing their love is an amazing thing.

Let’s see what Woody and Rayleigh do that make every day special with the Bommer family.

Lens and Leash: What is your favorite quirk about them and what is their favorite things to do?

Keeley Bommer: Woody is short legged and “curvaceous” but he has the ability to stretch out on a queen bed so that there is not an inch of space for anyone else to join him. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had for bringing pure joy! Rayleigh is a snuggler! Good luck if you don’t want a face in yours or her sitting on your lap, you have no choice! She is the most affectionate people dog I have ever met!

Some dogs come out of shelters well trained while others may need a bit of work. Either way, it’s entirely possible to improve behaviors and train a pet as long as you are willing to put in a bit of effort.

Just as humans all have their own personalities, animals do as well. Along with different personalities comes different behaviors.

Woody and Rayleigh are a perfect example of this.

Lens and Leash: Did you have to do any training with them after you adopted them or have people ever been hesitant on approaching them before getting to know them?

Keeley Bommer: Rayleigh had to learn to walk on a lead. She was always so excited to meet people and other dogs that her bark was very loud. She has gained her own confidence and has settled down really well. She can be off leash and under voice control. She still had food issues but if you know the lab breed, that tends to be part of their personality. Woody walks excellent on a lead and can be trusted off lead as well, he gets along with everyone.

Understanding the responsibility involved with adoption is extremely important. It’s not as simple as bringing home a new family member and then letting them do their own thing. There is work involved, but just about everyone who has done it would agree that it’s more than worth the effort.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting an animal in need, the following advice from the Bommer’s will be very helpful.

Lens and Leash: What tips or pieces of advice would you offer to people that are looking to adopt for the first time?

Keeley Bommer: The whole point of adoption is to make sure the animals have a better life that what they had. Love is always enough. Make sure your living environment will accommodate the adoption. Make sure you have the time and patience to help you animal adjust. Nothing can be rushed but consistency is key. Know your breed…… must know their temperament!

Adoption is a team effort. Learning how to work with one another is vital on both the human’s side as well as the pet’s. We’re going to wrap this up with a statement from the Boomer’s that everyone should take to heart.

Lens and Leash: Anything else you would like to add?

Keeley Bommer: Utilize the people in the community that can give you advice and help you and your pet through anything that might arise, whether it is curtailing an unwanted behavior (in you or your pet) or developing a new skill. There is always help and support!

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