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10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Beagle

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What’s better than a playful little friend with floppy ears that will stop at nothing to put a smile on your face? That’s exactly what you will find when it comes to a Beagle. Well-known for making a great family dog, this breed is extremely popular throughout the US for many different reasons.

The popularity of these amazing little guys has led to many of them being welcomed into loving homes. However, overbreeding and unprepared adopters has led to many of these fur babies ending up trapped in shelters. You can do your part to completely change a Beagle’s life today, but you should be aware of these things before deciding to adopt.

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Take These 10 Things Into Consideration When Adopting A Beagle

1. Beagles And Hunting
2. They Don’t Take Up A Lot Of Room
3. Your New Friend Will Love To Communicate
4. Boundary Training Is Important
5. Beagles Are Escape Artists
6. Lack Of Exercise Has Negative Outcomes
7. They Need Regular Grooming
8. Temperament Is No Concern
9. Other Dogs Are A Plus
10. Beagles Love Food

1. Beagles And Hunting

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Beagles love to hunt. In fact, that’s what they were bred for. Typically used to track down smaller animals such as hares and rabbits, Beagles have an incredible amount of stamina as well as an amazingly accurate sense of smell. The reason I’m mentioning this is because it’s important to remember that a breed of dog specifically bred for hunting has a high prey instinct. You should supervise interactions between your new buddy and smaller animals such as cats for the first few days. However, there likely won’t be anything to worry about.

2. They Don’t Take Up A Lot Of Room

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This is the perfect breed for someone that is looking for a mid-sized dog. Don’t let their size fool you though. Even though they typically range between 13-15 inches, their personality is far larger than their size. It’s important to remember that mid-sized dogs need to burn off energy the same way a larger one does. Daily walks are definitely recommended.

3. Your New Friend Will Love To Communicate

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Beagles love to vocalize. If you would prefer a new BFF that’s on the quieter side, this may not be the breed for you. They love to bark, howl and even do something called baying which is almost like a yodel. Most people don’t find any issue with this. In fact, lots of people even find it entertaining. Just think of it as your buddy’s way of saying hello.

4. Boundary Training Is Important

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Curiosity and intelligence are no strangers to Beagles. These two things combined can sometimes lead to unfortunate events. This breed loves to explore and they are smart enough to figure out how to get into stuff or places they shouldn’t. Boundary training is an absolute must. The good news is that the high level of intelligence a Beagle has makes training simple.

5. Beagles Are Escape Artists

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Beagles can easily be compared to Houdini. They have a way of escaping from yards and even crates. For this reason, you should make sure that your yard is properly enclosed with high fences. If this isn’t possible, make sure you keep a close eye on your new family member so they don’t wander off. As well, if you plan on using a crate, make sure you go with a product that is resistant.

6. Lack Of Exercise Has Negative Outcomes

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Beagles are typically very well behaved, but this may not be the case if they don’t get enough exercise. Their natural desire to hunt and an endless amount of energy drives them to want to move around. You’ll need to spend time walking and playing with your new BFF. Lack of exercise can lead to negative behaviors such as biting, jumping and chewing. It can also lead to health issues such as obesity which comes with a long list of possible complications.

7. They Need Regular Grooming

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A lot of people think that regular grooming is only necessary with long-haired dogs. However, this isn’t really the case at all. Short haired dogs need regular grooming as well and the Beagle is no exception. Their soft fur needs a lot of brushing and their curious nature causes them to get pretty dirty from time to time.

8. Temperament Is No Concern

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Some people may be surprised to learn that Beagles are incredibly even-tempered. They’re actually one of the gentlest breeds which is part of what contributes to them making a great family dog. Despite their roots as hunting dogs, aggression is the last thing you will ever have to worry about with these little guys.

9. Other Dogs Are A Plus

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Beagles feel most comfortable when they are part of a pack. This offers a huge benefit to people who have been thinking about adopting but have been unsure because they have other furry friends at home. You’ll be pleased to learn that there is nothing to worry about. However, it’s always a good idea to supervise the first few interactions between dogs that are just meeting.

10. Beagles Love Food

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It won’t be long before your new BFF begins begging you for treats every time they smell something yummy. While this isn’t really an issue, it’s important that you don’t feed your Beagle table food or give them excessive treats due to their ability to become obese. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Beagles have the potential to be protective over their food. Never reach for their bowl while they are eating and. You should separate your furry BFF from other animals while they eat.

Overall, Beagles are an incredible breed. Their curious nature is sure to keep a smile on your face. Those floppy ears will often make you laugh and their vocal nature will help you connect with them on a level that’s hard to find elsewhere. Their willingness to play will make sure you are both entertained and their loyalty will take you by surprise.

There’s a Beagle out there somewhere wishing for a great home and you could be the person that makes their wildest dream come true. Now that you know a little more about them, do you think they are your perfect match? I certainly hope so. Trust me, adopting a Beagle is not something that you will regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Beagle high maintenance?

Beagles do need a lot of attention and training is always a plus, but when it comes to cost and grooming needs, they are fairly low maintenance. They’re incredibly affectionate and have an amazing personality that makes them a great fit in family households.

How much does it cost to adopt a Beagle?

Adopting a Beagle is a great way to save a ton of money and save a life at the same time. Typically speaking, adoption fees for most shelters and rescues range from $50-$250. On the other hand, a Beagle puppy purchased from a breeder can easily cost $1,500 or more.

Do Beagle dogs bark a lot?

Beagles are a very vocal breed of dog. They do tend to bark a lot. Sometimes it may be because they are hungry or need to go outside while other times it may be for seemingly no reason. The good news is that training can curve their urge to bark in some cases.

Do Beagles shed a lot?

If you plan on adopting a Beagle, you should get used to the idea of cleaning up hair. This breed sheds and it sheds a lot. Moderate shedding occurs year-round and heavy shedding will occur in the spring and winter. However, regular brushing can help keep messes minimal.

What are the pros and cons of owning a Beagle?

Some of the pros of owning a Beagle are their awesome personality, they’re great cuddlers, they get along well with other dogs, and they are extremely cute. Some cons would be digging in your yard, stubbornness, shedding, and barking.

Do Beagles bite?

Beagles do tend to bite and nip while they are playing. However, it’s important to note that it’s often not an act of aggression. This behavior can be curved with patience and training. The best way to resolve this issue is by teaching them bite inhibition.

How often should you bathe a Beagle?

Beagles don’t require a lot of baths. In fact, overbathing can lead to issues such as dry skin. It’s recommended that you give your furry friend a bath every 2-6 months. This isn’t always the easiest schedule to stick to though since Beagles love to roll around and get dirty. If your fur baby soils their coat between bath times, simply wash their fur with warm water without using shampoo.

Are Beagles destructive?

Overall, Beagles are often well-behaved dogs that have little behavioral issues, but they can become destructive if left alone for long periods of time. This is not a breed that does well with being left alone in a yard or spending an entire day in a house by themselves.

How long should you walk a Beagle?

Beagles are energetic and love to play. Usually, this breed will get most of the exercise it needs on its own. Daily walks are still recommended though. The ideal length of the walk should be between 20 and 40 minutes.

How long does it take to housebreak a Beagle?

Housebreaking a Beagle can be a bit challenging but it’s more than possible. You can expect the process to take between 2-6 weeks. During potty training, you might want to consider putting your furry friend in a crate while you are out of the house until they learn how to fight their urge to go potty inside.

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