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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids

One of the best dog breeds for kids.
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Adopting a furry little friend is a great way to add some joy to your home and save a life at the same time. However, when you have kids at home, it’s important that you find a breed that is known for being great with children. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from in various sizes as well as many different personality types.

The limitless choices can make adopting the right BFF a little tricky. That’ exactly why we are about to provide you with the top 10 breeds that any child or parent would be happy to call a member of the family.

Child friendly dog playing in water.

The 10 Best Breeds For Children

1. Boxer
2. Old English Sheepdog
3. Mastiff
4. Bulldog
5. Beagle
6. Bull Terrier
7. Newfoundland
8. Labrador Retriever
9. Pug
10. Irish Setter

1. Boxer

Boxers are a good dog breed for kids.

With a breed name like Boxer, many people would likely be surprised to find out that these furry guys are great with children. Boxers tend to be eager to please their pack and their genes drive them to show love and compassion towards kids. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with this incredible breed.

2. Old English Sheepdog

Cute photo of the best dog for kids.

Another great option is the Old English Sheepdog. With their name, it should be no surprise that these furballs feel the need to herd. There’s really nothing to worry about though. In fact, this can be a bit helpful in certain circumstances. This breed is also known for being extremely affectionate and loving. They would make a great addition to any family.

3. Mastiff

One of the best large dog breeds for families.

A Mastiff may not be the best choice for a family with limited space. However, if you have a larger home and big backyard, this could be the breed for you. Mastiffs are incredibly loyal and protective. One thing is for certain. You’ll never have to worry about your child being safe while in the company of their furry BFF. If you’re looking for a gentle giant with a heart bigger than its body, there’s no need to look any further.

4. Bulldog

Bulldogs are another one of the best dogs for kids.

This is a breed that tends to be quite flexible when it comes to the size of your home. Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, you’re new BFF will be happy to become part of the family. Bulldogs are great with kids and their somewhat lazy nature ensures that you won’t have to worry about your home being torn up. They love to play with kids and their adorable faces will make sure everyone is always wearing a smile.

5. Beagle

Beagles could be the best dogs for babies.

If your kids love to get out of the house and go on adventures, a Beagle would be the perfect choice for your family. These little guys love to explore and their energy seems to last forever. They also have a very calm temperament so there’s no need to worry about aggressive behavior. Plus, their small size makes them easy to carry. You’ll soon see your kids going everywhere with their new BFF.

6. Bull Terrier

Dogs that are safe for kids.

Due to no fault of their own, this breed has developed a rather bad name. The truth is though that Bull Terriers are actually quite loving and calm. As an added bonus, they also have a high tolerance for pain which makes them the perfect fit for a family with children that are still learning how to be gentle with their furry BFF. If you plan on adopting one of these awesome furballs, make sure you have the time to engage them mentally and physically each day. Regular activity is a must!

7. Newfoundland

Large dogs that are great for kids.

Believe it or not, Newfoundlands have earned the nickname “Nature’s Babysitter”. This breed is excellent with children. They’ll keep an eye on your kiddos while being kind, protective and gentle. Your new BFF will instantly fall in love with your kids and treat them as their own. No wonder they are believed to be the most intelligent breed of dog.

8. Labrador Retriever

Labs make the perfect dog for kids.

This breed has remained the most popular family dog for years and years. There are many good reasons for this. For starters, Labrador Retrievers love their family in a way that’s hard to compete with. They simply love kids. Plus, they are also known for being able to get along with other dogs which is definitely a huge benefit. Keep in mind, this breed tends to have an incredible amount of energy. Exercise is an absolute must so get your kiddos out in the yard so they can play with their new BFF.

9. Pug

An adorable image of a child friendly dog breed.

Do your kids like to lounge around on the couch and watch TV? If so, this is the perfect breed for your home. Pugs love to snuggle and they don’t need a lot to be happy. A Pug will gladly spend time with your children and do what they can to put a smile on their face. Mild energy levels mean there’s no need to have a huge backyard, but they can develop weight issues so try to get your kids to play with their BFF whenever possible.

10. Irish Setter

The top dog breeds that are good with kids.

These furballs offer the perfect solution for getting people up and moving. Their high energy levels will keep you constantly occupied. This may be an inconvenience for some families, but Irish Setters will most certainly get your kids to be active. For some parents, this alone is a benefit too good to pass up. Keep in mind, you’ll definitely want to have plenty of toys available for your new BFF. You’ll also need to make sure they get plenty of exercise.

Any of the above breeds make a great choice for a family with children. If you’re still not sure, take a moment to check out some more information on the breed that seems like it would make a good fit for your home. The most important thing is that you know for sure that you’re making the right choice. The last thing you want to do is surrender your new buddy back to a shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog is most child friendly?

While many breeds are kid-friendly, Labrador Retrievers come in at number one. Their tolerance, gentleness, loving personality, and easy trainability are just a few of the reasons they have become the most common family dog in the United States.

Is it good for a child to have a dog?

Absolutely! In fact, there are several benefits that come with a child having a furry friend. Companionship is one of the biggest benefits, but fur babies have even more to offer your child. For example, they can help with social skills, improve confidence in beginner readers, and even encourage children to get more exercise.

What is a good age for a kid to get a dog?

Typically speaking, children are often ready for a dog between the ages of 5-10. The best way to tell when a child is ready for a pet is their level of maturity, how willing they are to help around the house, whether they show respect to pets, and how comfortable they are around animals.

Can a dog help a child with anxiety?

If your child has been struggling with high levels of anxiety, you might be surprised to learn that the solution might have four legs. Believe it or not, a study conducted by the CDC discovered that children between the ages of 4-10 living in a home with dogs experience significantly lower levels of anxiety and stress.

What is the best dog for a child with ADHD?

You’ll want to look for dogs that are easily trained, calm, and gentle. Some of the top picks would be Labrador Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Jack Russel Terriers. Surprisingly, rescue dogs from a variety of breeds are often a good fit for a child with ADHD, especially those that have already received some basic training.

How do I teach my toddler to be gentle with my dog?

The best place to start is teaching toddlers that dogs are living things and not toys. Explain that riding, poking, hitting, or pulling on a dog’s hair hurts the same way it would if someone did it to them. It’s also important to show a toddler how to pet their furry companion and where it’s okay to pet them.

How can I make my dog child friendly?

When possible, it’s important to begin socializing you’re a four-legged friend with kids while they are still a puppy. Handling exercises can also be helpful and prepare dogs to be more comfortable with being hugged and touched. Basic obedience training is also beneficial. The most effective way to help dogs become child friendly is positive reinforcement and praise when they behave correctly.

Do dogs know to be gentle with babies?

Dogs are often incredibly gentle around babies. However, larger dogs can sometimes knock things over or forget their own size. Also, energetic dogs may run around and become excited when around an infant. That doesn’t mean that they are dangerous to have around a baby, but rather that interaction time should be supervised.

Can a dog be jealous of a child?

Yes, dogs can become jealous of children. However, that’s usually not the case. Often, your dog will become your child’s best friend and favorite companion. The important thing is to try and spread out attention so that no one gets left out. It certainly won’t be the easiest thing to do, but it can definitely help prevent jealousy issues.

Can I let my dog lick my baby?

It’s important to remember that babies don’t have fully developed immune systems. Allowing a pet to lick an infant’s face can lead to germs and possibly even infections being passed. Licking other parts of the body such as their hand is safer, but their hand should immediately be cleaned afterward.

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