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HAPI Trails Horse Adoption Program

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Lens And Leash: What Is Your Shelter/Rescue’s Name And What Year Was It Formed?

HAPI Trails: HAPI Trails – Horse Adoption Program, Inc. It was formed in 2009 and we are all volunteers. The number of volunteers we have varies on different factors.

Lens And Leash: Where Is Your Rescue Located?

HAPI Trails: 308 Teton Saddleback Vista Dr, Driggs ID 83422

Lens And Leash: How Many Animals Can You House At A Time?

HAPI Trails: 25

Lens And Leash: Are You Considered A No Kill Shelter? If Not, What Does That Mean?

HAPI Trails: Yes, we are limited on the number of horses/equine we take and can not take more than we can care for. The horses in our care will be with us until they are adopted, fostered or pass away.

Lucy & Sage – They are working with Diesel, our mini Equine Therapy horse. These two young volunteers come every Monday and help with the horses that are at Julie’s house.

Lens And Leash: How Do You Encourage People To Adopt?

HAPI Trails: By engaging the community in our mission and introducing them to our horses. Our organization supports our adopted horses and their new owners throughout the life of the horse – so not only are they adopting a horse and giving it a second chance at life, they are also getting a support ‘family’ to help them along the way.

Lens And Leash: Do You Have Any Events Or Projects That You Are Currently Running Or Planning For?

HAPI Trails: Yes, multiple. We are starting a Clinic Series – beginning in May and running thru October. Helping to show the many uses of horses. We are also planning a Donor Dinner for June.

Lens And Leash: If We Could Help In Any Way Possible, What Would You Ask For?

HAPI Trails: Raise awareness of our organization and the plight of horses that are being abused, neglected and abandoned.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Average Number Of Animals Needing To Be Adopted Each Month?

HAPI Trails: Our number vary, as horses seem to take longer to re-home. If their health is poor if they have injuries, they will be rehabbed first, then trained (if needed) then be placed for adoption.

Lens And Leash: What Are The Shelter/Rescue’s Goals For This Year?

HAPI Trails: Place at least 10 of our horses in new homes, thus allowing for others that are in need of entering our program. Raise fund and awareness of our Capital Campaign to build a barn and more infrastructure at our new location.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way For People In Your Community To Help?

HAPI Trails: Donate and Volunteer (during the summer and during events)

Carly with Pearl – Carly is 8 and volunteers along with her brother, Jake – 10. They have been volunteering with HAPI Trails along side their Grandmother, Jessie, since they could walk. They usually visit every Wednesday or Thursday after school and volunteer at our events. Both have helped exercise horses by walking them and spending time with them. Most of our horses love the kids and really enjoy interacting with them! Photo By Rebecca Vanderhorst Photography

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way To Help Reduce The Number Of Euthanizations Per Year Besides Spay And Neutering?

HAPI Trails: We don’t deal with spay & neuter, but over breeding can be an issue. Nurse Mare Programs and PMU Mare Programs dump thousands of unwanted foals into the already over populated unwanted horse arena.

Photo By Rebecca Vanderhorst Photography

Lens And Leash: Anything Additional You Would Like Share

HAPI Trails: Thank you for reaching out to us. Photography can save lives and what better to photograph than animals in need!


Photo By Rebecca Vanderhorst Photography

For more information about HAPI Trails, here is there contact information:

HAPI Trails
308 Teton Saddleback Vistas Drive
Driggs, ID 83422


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