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Home For The Holidays

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Last Saturday we had the pleasure of teaming up with local shelters and animal loving organizations of the area for an event called “Home For The Holidays”.

During the holidays there is an influx of animals that are brought to the shelters seeking forever loving homes so this event was created to have people come together in one location to see many different animals from Jackson Hole, Driggs and Star Valley Shelters. The turnout was incredible for the entire event and each organization brought in animals to get adopted.

PAWS of Jackson Hole had our very own Lens and Leash photos from previous shoots at their craft table so people could make their own hand crafted ornaments of their favorite pooch or kitty. There was a kitty room just off to the side of where all of the dogs and puppies were being visited, in a more calming environment for them to relax.

There were a variety of dog breeds to choose from and a couple of little pups who were dropped off that morning to find new homes because their previous owner had just passed away. Quite a few animals were adopted out at the event as well as fostered for the weekend.

We always encourage people to try fostering as a stepping stone to possibly adopting their new furry companion.

We want to thank PAWS of JH, the Animal Adoption Center, Teton County Animal Shelter, Teton Valley Animal Shelter, Dog Is My Copilot and Lucky’s Animal Shelter for creating such an incredible event.

Lens And Leash: What was your main goal in creating “Home For The Holidays” event?
Animal Adoption Center: There are hundreds of animals in the local and regional shelter system and it seems that adoptions peak during the Holidays. The Home For The Holidays (HFTH) Adoption Drive is always a successful adoption event to encourage people to look to their local adoption resources before heading to a breeder.
Lens And Leash: Have you had other events similar to this one before?
Animal Adoption Center: We usually do a couple adoption drives per year. Thanks to Teton Motors Subaru and their Share The Love program, they chose us to feature during their holiday special. This was the first time that we included all the pet advocacy groups. Our goal was to have an inclusive event since we are all on the same team. Animal Adoption Center, Lucky’s Place of Star Valley, Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter, Dog Is My Copilot, Lens and Leash and PAWS of Jackson Hole all made appearances.
Lens And Leash: How was the turn out this year?
Animal Adoption Center: This years Home For The Holidays event was the most successful adoption drive we have seen in years! It seemed like the community of Jackson wanted to be involved regardless if they were in the market to adopt or not. Many were there to just socialize with the animals and learn how they can be involved.
Lens And Leash: How many animals are usually present at the event to be fostered or adopted?
Animal Adoption Center: There were approximately 35 animals that were up for adoption which is only a fraction of the available animals in the shelter. We were happy to see 12 animals find their home for the holidays AND for forever.
Lens And Leash: What is the biggest asset to having an event like this?
Animal Adoption Center: With any event, we just love being out and about in the community. We were so happy to see so many animals find their forever home while also getting traction for all the pet advocacy groups.

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