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Animal Adoption Center Jackson Hole WY

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On December 20th, Karissa Akin of Après Events graciously donated her time to setup a photoshoot at the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson Hole, WY.

We wanted to take the time to get to know the shelter in more detail and see how they are helping animals get adopted in Teton County.

To see what furry friends are currently available at the Animal Adoption Center, go here:

All photos are were taken and donated by Karissa Akin And Après Events.

Animal Adoption Center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  1. Founded in 2004, the Animal Adoption Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in downtown Jackson Hole, just steps from the historic Town Square. Our highly visible location promotes excellent community interaction with our animals and programs. Visitors are greeted nay our happy, tail-wagging dogs and purring cates who are playing or napping inner free-roaming Kitty City. We want our visitors to interact with our furry friends and they love the attention.

    Jane, Cindy Clawford and Peach in Kitty City

  2. Since its inception, the AAC has rescued and re-homed over 2700 cats and dogs and placed them in loving forever homes. We strive to shatter the many negative stereotypes about abandoned animals. By encouraging people to adopt instead of buying a pet, and educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, we can put an end to the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals and realize a future where there are no more homeless pets.

    Daisy – 1.5 Year Old Female Pit Mix

  3. In 2009, the AAC began to attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem by launching our Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program, a low-cost, mobile, spay and neuter effort spearheaded by AAC board member Dr. Heather Carleton. Our Mobile spay/neuter program travels across Wyoming, holding low-cost clinics that make pet sterilization services available to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to fix their animals. Since 2009, our spay/neuter program has fixed more than 9,000 animals. With our newly created Voucher Program, Wyoming residents can also apply for a low-cost spay/neuter voucher from participating veterinarians across the state. No more waiting for us to come to you!

    Serena – 2 Year Old Female DSH

  4. The AAC rescues animals from kill shelters, abandonment, hoarding cases, overcrowded regional shelters, and cases of neglect.  We partner with regional shelters and rescues to save animals. Many regional shelters are stressed at max capacity, therefore the AAC does not accept owner surrenders.  We provide every animal with necessary veterinary care, spay or neuter them, and socialize them with other animals and people. The AAC provides a warm, cheerful, and calming environment where our animals can relax and play while we work to find them their forever homes. If you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat we have a wide variety of animals that are seeking new loving homes.

    Kitty City

  5. Kitty City is a free-roaming environment provides indoor comfort and allows the cats to have access to a screened outside area. These two rooms supply a welcoming and comfortable transition for cats who are available for adoption. Kitty City is also a great place for potential adopters to meet with each cat individually and to experience each cat’s personality in a friendly environment.

    Cindy Clawford – 7 Month Old DSH Female

  6. During the day the dogs available for adoption can be found napping and playing in comfortable enclosures or romping with friends in the doggy play yard. The dogs stay at the AAC only during hours of operation. Dogs are fostered on a nightly basis and on Sundays and Mondays when the AAC is closed. Fostering makes for well-adjusted pets, and it allows the AAC to provide potential adopters with important information about each pet’s particular likes and dislikes within a home environment.

    Ella – 1.5 Year Old Female Beagle Mix

  7. The AAC recognizes the importance of reaching out to members of our community to provide adoption opportunities, to spread the message of responsible pet ownership, and to educate about spaying and neutering. In order to achieve this goal we invite our community to become involved in a variety of ways. Volunteer programs include dog walking, fostering, caretaking Kitty City, and promoting adoption through media and special events. All volunteers play an essential role in helping our abandoned animals find their forever home.

    Earl – 3 month old DSH male

  8. Our goal is to ensure that your new four-legged friend arrives fully equipped with all the skills necessary to make a successful adjustment to their new home and family life. The adoption process begins with an application form and concludes after the successful completion of a two week trial period designed to ensure a smooth transition for the animal and the new adopter.

    Dottie – 4 Year Old Pit Mix

  9. Adoption Requirements included; dog adoption fee is $175 and the cat adoption fee is $80, potential adopters are required to foster for at least one night. Once your application is reviewed and approved we honor a two-week trial period to make sure your new pet fits in well with your family and lifestyle, adoption fees will be deposited after the two week trial period. If during the trial period you find that the animal is not a suitable match the adoption fee will be refunded, any animal adopted from the AAC is always welcomed back if for any reason you can no longer care for him or her at any point in their life, adopters must be at least 24 years old to adopt a cat or dog, adopters who rent their home must have landlord approval in order to adopt, we welcome out of area adopters, however we require prospective adopters to visit our facility and spend at least one night with the animal.

    Turtle Dove (Top) – Serena (Bottom)

  10. Here is how you can help The AAC:
    1. Nightly Dog Foster – bring home a dog for a night, we supply everything you will need.
    2. Kitty City Care – clean, feed, water, groom, play and socialize with the cats.
    3. Shelter Cleaning- Help us keep the facility clean and welcoming.
    4. Dog Walking – take a dog for a walk during operating hours. 
    5. Drivers – help transport dogs from shelters or rescues to the AAC.
    6. Maintenance – lend a hand assisting with maintenance, landscaping, and construction projects.

11. We understand most people have busy lives and have modeled our volunteer program around this. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like. We have volunteers who help daily, weekly, and only for special events. You must be 18 to volunteer without a parent/guardian. Thank you for considering becoming one of our loyal and cherished volunteers!

12. We are located at 270 East Broadway in Jackson, Wyoming 83001. Our mailing address is P.O.Box 8532 Jackson, Wyoming 83002.

13. Operating Hours are Tuesday through Friday 12-6pm/ Saturday 11-5pm Sunday & Monday Closed.

14. Please contact us by telephone at 307-739-1881 or by email at [email protected].

15. Our website is

Carrie Boynton With Pepper

Interview With Carrie Boynton ([email protected])

  1. Since becoming the Executive Director of The AAC what changes have you implemented? – In my two years with this amazing organization we have implemented an in-house dog training program, a dog training voucher program for first time adopters – adopters of puppies and adopters of dogs they may need additional support as they begin the next chapter of their lives.  This video gives more detail – We also implemented microchipping for all animals adopted through our program and created a cat quarantine room.  With the quarantine room in place we are able to bring in cats from other shelters and give them two weeks to adjust before introducing them to our communal live situation in Kitty City.  This helps reduce possible spread of illness an also gives cats and kittens a place to heal if they are ill or recovering from surgery.
  2. What has the new building and location added to helping The AAC? –  The Animal Adoption Center (AAC) is a unique place, created to be unlike a traditional animal shelter. Our purpose built facility is designed to house  7-12 dogs and 20–30 cats at a time, this homey environment allows for intimate interactions with all our animals.  Our organization is located in downtown Jackson Hole, just steps from the historic Town Square.  Given its proximity to the heart of Jackson we are able to share our live saving work and mission with dozens of visitors each day.
  3. What is the average number of animals needing to be adopted each month? The animal Adoption Center finds loving forever home for 220-250 animals each year.
  4. What is your goal for The AAC for 2018? We look forward to helping animals in need locally, regionally and nationally.  We also plan to host multiply spay/neuter clinics on the Wind River Indian Reservation and in Star Valley and provide low cost spay/neuter vouchers in communities statewide.  We will continue our in-house training/training voucher/microchipping programs for 2018.
  5. In a community like Jackson where almost everyone has a dog/cat already do you find it difficult to find homes for the animals in the center? Some animals are at the Animal Adoption Center for one day and others may be here for a year.  It just depends on the animals and who is interested in adopting.  Many potential adopters struggle to find pet friendly housing.
  6. If we could help in you in any way possible what would you ask for? Spread the word on the importance of spay/neuter! We are always looking for new fosters!  More info:  The Animal Adoption Center relies on the generosity of foster parents to provide loving and temporary homes for the dogs in our program. Each evening our goal is to have every dog leave the AAC with one of our selfless foster parents and spend the night in their home, often with their own pets and children. Foster parents supply temporary housing during the night, which helps prepare the dogs for placement with their future adoptive family by giving them the opportunity to learn valuable household manners. Additionally, foster parents help us understand each animal’s particular needs and determine the best long term placement for each dog. During operating hours the dogs are brought back to the AAC for visitors and potential adopters to view them. Donations:  We do not have funding through the government and rely on donations to operate.  Our medical fund is an incredibly important part of our our operations.  Each we invest more than $50,000 into the wellness of our animals this includes basics like spay/neuter and other measures to reduce pain and suffering and increase health.  This includes dentals, pain management plans, and occasionally other surgeries.  In 2017 we funded hip surgery for an dog who had been hit by a car and the removal of a very infected eye.  Both are now in loving homes!
  7. What is the biggest thing The AAC has overcome so far since opening in 2004? Building a forever home for the Animal Adoption Center!  Creating the Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program in 2009 to help attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem statewide.  More details: Millions of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America due to overcrowding in animal shelters. At the AAC, we are committed to solving the problem of pet overpopulation. We believe that spaying and neutering is the most effective way to exponentially reduce the number of homeless pets. The goal of the AAC Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program is to make sterilization services available to those who might not otherwise be able to afford them. In 2009, the AAC began to attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem by launching our Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program, a low-cost, mobile, spay and neuter effort spearheaded by former AAC board member Dr. Heather Carleton.
  8. How do you encourage people to adopt instead of purchasing an animal? We share the stories of our animals on social media- pet finder – print ads – furry friday emails – newsletters
  9. Do you have and current projects going on or a fundraiser coming up we should know about? The New Leash on Life Summer Celebration will be held on July 14, 2018

Penny Lane – DSH Grey And White Female

Fun Facts:  With the help of our adopters, donors, fosters, partners we have positively impacted the lives of more than 1,500 animals in 2017, and 13,000 since our inception in 2004.

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