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Last April I was able to visit the Maui Humane Society in person while on vacation. One afternoon I encouraged the group of ladies I was on the trip with to visit the shelter. I took photos the entire time of the incredible facility and the adorable animals waiting to find their forever homes. Once I returned home I reached out to a Maui wedding and portrait photographer Sofie from Amorphia Photography to highlight the animals up for adoption at the shelter. Sofie was incredibly busy at the time but told me she would be available in August to do the shoot.

I was impressed with the facility, the amount of staff and volunteers running the place as well as the variety of areas the animals were being cared for while they were there waiting for their forever humans. There were a ton of visitors that day including children from a nearby school hoping to read a book to a pup in need of a good story.

As we were leaving I couldn’t believe the line of people waiting to fill out paperwork to adopt their new fur baby that day. I wanted to adopt them all as we walked through the facility but knew that they were in good hands. If you are looking for a new addition to your home please consider adopting.

Thank you to Sofie at Amorphia Photography and the Maui Humane Society for your attention to detail and love for these incredible animals!

Lens And Leash: What Is Your Shelter/Rescue’s Name, What Year Was It Formed And Home Many Employees/Volunteers Do You Have?

Maui Humane Society: The Maui Humane Society, 1966, 60 employees, 600+ active volunteers.

Lens And Leash: Where Is Your Rescue Located?

Maui Humane Society: Puunene, Maui, Hawaii.

Lens And Leash: How Many Animals Can You House At A Time?

Maui Humane Society: 200 animals onsite and we have an extensive foster network.

Lens And Leash: How Do You Encourage People To Adopt?

Maui Humane Society: Through aggressive marketing campaigns including social and traditional media, radio ads, community outreach.

Lens And Leash: Do You Have Any Events Or Projects That You Are Currently Running Or Planning For?

Maui Humane Society: Upcoming: Holiday Adoption & Wellness Fair on November 17

Lens And Leash: If We Could Help In Any Way Possible, What Would You Ask For?

Maui Humane Society: More exposure for our little shelter. We have a limited reach due to our location and it would be great for more people to know about the challenges that we face being ON an island and them wanting to get involved to help, either by donating, volunteering, fostering or just spreading the message about MHS.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Average Number Of Animals Needing To Be Adopted Each Month?

Maui Humane Society: We receive an average of 500 animals each month.

Lens And Leash: What Are The Shelter/Rescue’s Goals For This Year?

Maui Humane Society: Save more lives, Spay/Neuter more animals and expand our foster program capacity.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way For People In Your Community To Help?

Maui Humane Society:  Donate…Volunteer…Foster…Educate

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way To Help Reduce The Number Of Euthanizations Per Year Besides Spay And Neutering?

Maui Humane Society: We are looking for more foster homes to help care for and rehabilitate at-risk animals.

Maui Humane Society
1350 Meha Meha Loop, Puunene, HI 96784
(808) 877-3680

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  • Mahalo for visiting and for this opportunity! We also have a program called “Beach Buddies” where visitors (and locals) can take a dog out to the beach (or hiking or for some snuggling) for the day. we offer this program every Wednesday and Friday. I would encourage anyone coming to visit Maui to participate as we often hear that it is the highlight of a visitor’s vacation! We fill up about 2-3 months in advance so sign up early! If you are interested, please go to our website at to sign up or to find out more about Maui Humane Society!

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