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This August we partnered up with Maui wedding and portrait photographer Sofie from Amorphia Photography to highlight the animals up for adoption at the Maui Humane Society in Maui, Hawaii. Sofie was excited to turn her lens to the animals in need at the wonderful outdoor facility.

Maui Humane Society has an incredible facility that houses a variety of animals looking for forever homes. They even have a resident turtle that roams outside on his very own piece of lawn. The cats have their own indoor facility while the pups are in kennels out in the island warmth. The shelter has guest cabanas where you can do meet and greets with the animals in your own space for however long you would like to cuddle. Children from a near by school even come by to read to the pups as an after school program.

Consider adopting your next animal because they all need loving homes. Check out all of these adorable animals at the Maui Humane Society and maybe you might find one that calls you “home”.

Thank you to Sofie and the Maui Humane Society for your precious time and help in finding these sweet animals their new forever homes!


Candy is a sweet senior that truly deserves a happily ever after in a loving home! She’s an outgoing and extremely affectionate lady that loves covering everyone with kisses. Candy was brought to the Maui Humane Society after she was found making her way around Makawao and in serious need of help. Now that she’s on the mend, Candy would love to be the cool new cuddle buddy in your life!


Ziggy is a super sweet and snuggly senior that is just waiting for the chance to love on you! He is an awesomely affectionate guy that wants to be your friend more than anything else in this world. Sadly, Ziggy’s owners had to move so they brought him to us for a new home. If you are looking for the ultimate cuddle buddy, then Ziggy is just the dude for you!


Terry is a role poly lover boy that is sure to win you over! He is a cool little dude that was brought to us so that we could find home a loving forever family. Terry is all about earning kind words, belly rubs and being silly to make you smile. If you love an outgoing and affectionate fella, then take a look at Terry today!

Cammie: ADOPTED!Puukea: ADOPTED!

Jackson: ADOPTED!




All of these sweet kitties have been adopted since the shoot!

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