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Summer Loves At The AAC

Written by Lens And Leash

This summer we had the pleasure of working with Brantley Sydnor of She B Photography at the Animal Adoption Center. The AAC has a very quick turnover rate due to insane marketing, local backing and an incredible foster program. It is rare to find an animal there for very long before they are adopted out. We had a new crew of animals enter the shelter when we brought Brantley in for another photoshoot. Brantley has an incredible work ethic and her natural talent comes through her lens effortlessly. The combination of animals, beautiful day and the talent behind the lens we were able to highlight these sweet souls perfectly.

Please consider adding one of them to your family today.

Contact the AAC at 307-739-1881 or email them at [email protected].

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is an adult DSH grey.white tabby. This sweet girl is quite timid at first, but spend a few minutes with her and she will be your best friends. Penny was originally found in February of 2016 in Driggs. She was extremely malnourished and the folks at the TVCAS nursed her back to health. She was transferred to the AAC on 10/24/17 and is looking for her forever home.


Cleo is a 6 year old female Seal Point Domestic Short Hair. She was surrendered to the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter the Fall of 2017. She arrived to the AAC on 3/20/18. She is a very talkative and charming and would love a warm windowsill to call her own!


My name is Goose and I am a 9 month old male Australian Shepherd mix. I arrived at the AAC on 8/1 from Star Valley after I was surrendered. I am your typical young herding dog and need lots of exercise! Since I am a herder, I don’t enjoy small children but I would LOVE to be a ranch dog!


Frida is a 3 year old, female tuxedo Domestic Short Hair. She was surrendered to the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter summer of 2017 and was transferred to the AAC 3/20/18. Her eyes are wide and curious for adventure.


Heber is a 6 year old, male DSH who was surrendered in the dropbox in Idaho Falls. He has been at the AAC since 2/21 and would love to find a new home sooner rather than later. I want my own window sill to lay in and I love to be pet.


Kiwi is a 2 year old female DSH. She arrived at the AAC on 6/26/18 from Star Valley. Kiwi gets her name from her bright green kiwi colored eyes. She is a wide eyed and bushy tail little lady who is looking for a new family to love her.


Payson is a 1 year old male, DSH. He was found as a stray in Idaho Falls and transferred here on 2/21 after no one was claimed. Payson is easy going and would fit well into any home!


Piper is a 5 year old, female DSH Calico. She arrived at the AAC on 12/8/17 from Idaho Falls after she was found as a stray and never claimed. She is a lovely lady that likes to sunbathe, play with fake mice, and lick windows (it’s true! You will often find her cleaning the windows in kitty city) Come meet this quirky girl.


Ruth is a 10 year old DSH, female Calico. She arrived at the AAC on 3/20/18 from Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter in Driggs where she was surrendered in the Fall of 2016. She is nothing but a sweet lap cat who wants to curl up and read a book with her new owner. She does have some food sensitivities and will need spacial food but I am very easy going.


Sundance is an 11 month old female DSH. She arrived at the AAC on 1/26 from Star Valley. She is vocal, gets along with all the other cats and couldn’t be any more photogenic! Her hazel eyes are dreamy and soul piercing.

Apricot: ADOPTED!

Athena: ADOPTED!

Calypso: ADOPTED!

Chucho: ADOPTED!

Chucho was originally found on the Wind River Indian Reservation with both his mom and dad and were living as strays, fighting for their own food. When the AAC was there for their biannual spay/neuter clinic they saw that this trio deserved a better life. Despite living outdoors their whole life, Chucho, Barbie & Ken adjusted quickly to the spoiled life. For some reason Chucho spent over 150 days at the AAC before finding his mom. She happened to be driving through Jackson on her way back to grad school. She was stopping in every shelter along the way in search for her perfect dog and as soon as she saw Chucho she knew it was him. He is now helping her study her way to graduation!

Douglas: ADOPTED!


Edie didn’t last long in our program. During her stay here she went home with a family and immediately latched onto their 13 year old boy. Their first foster weekend they headed to Bear Lake and decided she was a part of the family! She is now a proper Jackson adventure dog.

Eggplant: ADOPTED!



Hobbes: ADOPTED!

Hobbes (chocolate lab) was here for an entire year in total. After one failed adoption and many nights patiently waiting his forever home, he found it! A wonderful family stumbled upon him while visiting Jackson this summer. They were starting to think about adding a dog to their family and figured Hobbes was the perfect foster dog to start. They fostered him for a few nights during their stay, thanked him for the good times and said their goodbyes. Upon returning to Toronto, Canada they realized they just couldn’t live without him. After a few weeks of working logistics out, Hobbes arrived safely in Toronto and is an official Canadian citizen! He has a large yard to play fetch with and a human sibling that he is helping through high school!


Luna is a 1 year old German Shepherd mix. Luna arrived at the AAC on 6/12 from Idaho Falls where she was found as a stray and never claimed. Luna is a really sweet dog but is a little shy at first. If you feed Luna some treats and give her some gentle love you will win her over right away! Luna plays well with other dogs and is ready to adventure in the mountains with you!


Polly is a 7 year old female Labrador/Shepherd mix. She arrived at the AAC on 6/12 from Idaho Falls after she was found as a stray and never claimed. Polly is an active girl and I can’t wait to hike all over the Tetons. She knows how to sit and will learn other tricks fast because she is so smart. She would love to be a part of your active family! She plays wells with dogs and can make friends easily.


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