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Construction Won’t Stop These Furry Friends

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This spring we teamed up with wedding photographer Jamye Chrisman to highlight the shelter and animals up for adopted at the Teton Valley Animal Shelter in Driggs, Idaho. Jamye was excited to turn her lens to the animals in need over in Teton Valley and boy were we happy to work with her.

As spring emerges animal shelters get hit hard with animals coming in from all areas. The Teton Valley Animal Shelter had some construction to do within their facility too so our photoshoot was delayed a few times. The animals go through enough trauma as it is so construction in their temporary home created a tense environment for all of the cats in residence. Once the construction was finished Jamye went in and successfully created an environment that would highlight each of the animals cuteness factor and she went to work.

Jamye Chrisman is used to photographing people on their special day and she portrays them so well. Her talent comes through her camera effortlessly. Each animal’s personality is on display in this shoot and there certainly are some characters in the bunch.

Consider adopting your next fur baby, they all need warm and loving homes. They deserve that in this big uncertain world. Check out all of these adorable characters at Teton Valley Animal Shelter and maybe you might find one that calls you “home”.

Thank you to Jamye Chrisman and the Teton Valley Animal Shelter for your precious time and help in finding these sweet creatures their new forever homes!

Clive: Young Male Tuxedo Cat

Clive has the looks of an alley cat but has a heart of gold! He’s funny, he’s charming, he’s the whole kit and caboodle!

Copper John: Adult Male Pointer Mix

Copper John is a five year old Pointer mix. He is a bit nervous when meeting new people but we are happy to take him for a walk with you so he can get more comfortable. Copper John is a playful and affectionate dog if you have a little patience to earn his new trust. He enjoys playing with other dogs, has good leash skills and excellent car manners.

Corbin: Kitten Male

Corbin is quite playful and very curious. He loves playing with his kitty friends and snuggling with his people friends!

Damon: Young Male Labrador Retriever

Damon is your typical lab, he loves playing fetch, walks, bike rides and belly rubs. He is very strong and has tons of energy!

Dweezil: Young Male Domestic Short Hair 

Dweezil was born in a feral colony but was just too darn sweet to stay out in the wild. If you have a lap we have the cat for you!

Hazel: Adult Female Domestic Short Hair

Queen Hazel would do best as an only cat. She loves affection and lounging around.

Larry: Adult Male Domestic Short Hair

Larry came in as a stray so we don’t know his history, but we’re pretty sure he used to be a circus cat! He is an acrobat, tightrope walker and all around clown! Looking for a cat that acts like a dog? This is the guy for you! 

Linus: Young Male Domestic Short Hair

Hello. I’m am a super sweet young man who will melt your heart! I am a little shy when I first meet new people, but I warm up pretty quickly. I love playing and snuggling with my siblings and friends! I am the perfect match for just about everyone!

Magnolia: Young Female Domestic Short Hair

Mel: Young Female Pug & Beagle Mix

Mel came to us as a stray who had been on her own for some time. She is adjusting very well to indoor life. She just needs people with a little patience and a lot of love. Mel is constant entertainment!

Otho: Adult Male Domestic Short Hair

Mr. Otho may be the mellowest cat in the state of Idaho!

Rosie: Adult Female Domestic Short Hair

Ms. Rosie likes to be the center of attention. She is a beautiful girl with brilliant eyes. She would love to have people of her own someday!

Sonny: Adult Male Labrador Retriever Mix

Sonny has had multiple names and homes through no fault of his own. He is a happy guy who is ready for his forever companion(s). He is about 6 years old, well mannered and sweet natured. He’s a good boy!

Stella: Kitten Female Domestic Short Hair

Stella! She is curious and she loooves to play! She has food allergies so requires a GRAIN-FREE diet.

Tiger Lily: Young Female Husky Shepard Mix

Tiger Lily came to us as a stray who had been on her own for awhile. She is a very curious girl, sweet natured and playful. She has been known to climb fences and likes to wonder so she will need supervision when outside. After a day of playing she loves to curl up on a dog bed with fun treats or squeaky toys.

Verona: Adult Female Domestic Short Hair

Verona is purrfect! Very well socialized, loves attention and is very playful!









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