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Spring Time Hope for Pups in Need

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Spring time is always a challenging time in the shelter realm because of over population but Santa Barbara had it’s own weather challenges this year as well. Between the wild fires and then the massive rain and mudslides this area of the country was down but never out.

Eventually we were able to partner up with an incredible photographer, Lauren Maeve Photography and Santa Barbara Dog Adoption & Welfare Group (SB DAWG) to capture these incredible characters below. Each photographer we work with brings their own creative talent to the shoot and this session did not disappoint. Each pup captured here exudes an incredible warmth and you can feel their personalities come through Lauren’s lens. We are excited to share these beautiful souls with you and hope that some of you will find a new partner in life too!

Addie(Working Breed Mix, Female):

Addie would make a great hiking companion. She likes to sniff, roam, and see new things.  Her last home had 80 acres for her to romp around with her fur brother. However, Addie would be happy with any yard, big or small, just as long as you promise to take her on outdoor adventures. She does need an owner to calm down her excitement when meeting new dogs, but her eager-to-please attitude will make this an easy task!

Carissa(Pit Bull, Female):

Carissa is still in training here at DAWG, but this is a great dawg in the making. Carissa is an old ball of energy, who loves to show off with her toys. How many can she fit in her mouth at once?! What we are teaching Carissa here is that you can also have fun just relaxing. A calm frame of mind is a good one. It makes it way easier to meet new people and dogs and get along well from the get-go. If you think you might be the one to help lead Carissa to greatness, please contact us here at DAWG to schedule a time to meet with our trainer.

Chica(Chihuahua, Female):

Chica is a beautiful little lady.  She is a dominant girl who needs to practice being respectful of boundaries with people. She lives in our little dog pack, but can be a bit testy sometimes – she usually is not looking to play or even interact much with other dogs. She is looking for a leader to help guide her toward becoming more relaxed and social.

Danny(Mini Poodle, Male): 

Danny has been in and out of a couple of homes during his life. He can be very dramatic when he is nervous, which makes it necessary for him to go home with someone who will be patient but consistent with boundaries in order for him to continue progressing.

Sasha(German Shepard, Female): 

Sasha loves people, and loves to play with balls and toys. She has been in and out of a couple of homes throughout her life. She developed some territorial issues in her first home that gave way to her having some issues with other dogs. She is looking for someone who will help her find a balance of trust and respect, so that she can continue to practice healthy sociability. 


Oso(Chihuahua, Male):

Oso loves everyone he meets! He lives in our little dog pack and does very well, but he sometimes gets uncomfortable when he meets new dogs, so he will do best with someone who can provide him with a good balance of leadership and fun.

Tasha(Chihuahua, Female): 

Tasha is a very shy girl. She takes a while to warm up to new people but then loves fiercely when she trusts you. Tasha would do best with someone who will take it slow with her at first to build trust, and then practice good leadership.

Phoenix(Pit Bull/Great Dane Mix, Male): 

Phoenix is a Pit Bull/Great Dane mix who is loves everyone that he meets!  He is looking for a strong pack leader, as he is still learning how to hang out with other dogs and respect their boundaries. He needs a person who will provide him with a good amount of structure and guidance in his life so that he can continue to blossom into the perfect dog.

Panda(Pit Bull, Female):

Panda is an energetic Pit mix who is looking for a very strong leader. She has learned how to take advantage of people who give her affection at inappropriate times, so she does best with people who will strive to be her leader first, and her friend second – but when someone builds that leadership relationship, she is an amazing companion.

Arthur(Chihuahua, Male):

Arthur is a true pack leader. In fact, he lives with our little dog pack and leads them during the day. He is very dog social and has never met a dog he couldn’t help – he is great at helping other dogs practice their social skills. He did have some pretty severe food aggression when he came to us, but our trainer fostered him for about 8 months and helped him work through his issues. Now, with some guidance from our trainer, he can live in just about any household, as long as he goes home with the right person. He has been around kids and cats as well.

Bronson(Kelpie/Cattle Mix, Male): 

Bronson is the epitome of a working breed dog. He is not so much interested in affection but he is always looking for a job to do. He would chase a ball all day, so he needs a lot of practice with patience and respect. He responds very well to strong leadership and is always eager to please.

Daisy-Bones(Shepard Mix, Female): 

Daisy is a senior girl who was returned to the shelter after her 10th birthday. She is a nervous dog who is looking for someone to provide her with a lot of structure. She needs someone who she can trust, but also someone who will help teach her to respect them. She is very active – you’d never know how old she was!

Duke(Shepard Mix, Male): 

Duke is a very unique dog, in that he was put in a position in his previous home where he was made to believe that he needed to be very protective of himself, his space, and the people he knew well. We’ve come a long way with Duke, as he went from lunging at strangers to being able to warm up to new people within a matter of a few days, but he still has a lot of work ahead of him. He’s looking for someone who is ready to take on his behavioral needs and will put in the time to help him progress.

Lulu(Central Asian Shepard, Female):

Lulu is a very special resident at SB DAWG – certainly a staff favorite!   There is nothing better than an oversized lap dog. She has completed one of two TPLO surgeries, as she has two bum knees. She is about 135 lbs. and she is working hard at practicing her sociability with other people, but even more so with dogs. She was pretty under-socialized when she came to us, and it’s been difficult to continue her progress with her bad legs, as we must limit her activity. We are looking forward to the completion of her surgeries so that we can help this girl be the best that she can be. If you’d like to donate specifically to the cost of her surgeries, please contact the shelter for more information.

Bourbon(Pit Bull Mix, Male): 

Bourbon is a three-legged dog who has been through quite a lot during his time at DAWG. He is usually uncomfortable with strangers, but does well with giving up control of those situations to people who have worked to earn a good balance of trust and respect with him.  He is a gentle lap dog once he has formed a healthy relationship – definitely a staff favorite!

Chief(Husky, Male): 

Chief wants nothing more than to be your best friend – he dreams of being a lap dog.  He is a younger, more immature, husky who needs a lot of guidance on how to interact with other dogs and respect people. He is looking for a very specific type of leader who will work hard to make it clear that they are his leader first and his friend second.

Beau(Boxer/Pit Bull Mix, Male):

Beau was under-socialized in his last home. He is looking for someone who will be willing to take the time to help him safely come out of his shell and learn how to feel comfortable around new people. He would do best with someone who can operate on varying levels of trust and respect, as he will need a mixture of both as he progresses.

Marge(Terrier Mix, Female):

Marge practiced a lot of territorial behavior in her last home, but, with our help, she is quickly reformulating how she chooses to form her relationships with new people. She is looking for someone with lots of patience and the ability to provide her with a unique combination of trust and respect so she can continue her rehabilitation process.

Buddy(Chihuahua, Male):

Buddy is an older fella who has had a rough go of it in the last year or so. He’s a bit nervous of people and we’re working hard to get him feeling comfortable and social again. He is looking for a calm leader who will provide him with healthy boundaries and trust building so that he can learn to be comfortable and social around new people and dogs.

Ron(Pit Bull, Male): 

Ron is an affectionate, happy-go-lucky, boy who is also very social. He lived with children and cats in his last home and likes other dogs as well. He would do well with a nice balance of leadership, exercise, and affection.

Finn(Terrier Mix, Male): 

Finn is a Terrier mix who is looking for someone to be his perfect balance between leader and friend. He has practiced some territorial behavior in his last home, but with the right relationships, he is a perfect, social dog. 

Jax(Lab Mix, Male): 

Jax is a lanky fellow who is just as cute as can be. He is nervous about meeting new people, although he is more social with other dogs. He’s looking for someone who can guide him through his insecurities while maintaining a leadership role so that he can become equally as social with people as he is with dogs.

Chippy(Chihuahua, Male): 

Chippy is a sweet and shy little guy. He takes a minute to warm up and get comfortable with new people, but once he’s comfortable, he’s very enthusiastic! He loves walks, and does need some more practice on meeting new dogs and remaining calm when he is left alone. With the right combination of boundaries and trust, he will continue to blossom into the wonderful little dog that we’re seeing progress. 

Sparky(Chihuahua, Male):

Sparky is a super fun, and super social, little chihuahua that could offer hours of entertainment.  He is full of love and ready to find his forever home.

Nala(Pit Bull, Female): 

Nala is a super sweet, petite girl who loves to move! Although, in the house she has no problem relaxing. She has had some issues with separation anxiety, and as a result has become a proficient escape artist. Other than her adventures, what you see is what you get- a fun, happy girl looking for the right fit!

Balto(Husky, Male): 

Balto is a super smart boy! He has been with us for a somewhat extended stay. He’s just “a lot” of dog! In the time he has been here, Balto has helped countless DAWG dogs! With his natural born leader personality he’s taught pushy, confident dogs boundaries while also being a perfect “first” dog for nervous dogs to practice with and gain some confidence in social settings.

Chloe(Shepard Mix, Female):

Chloë is a Shepard through and through! She is very trainable, and she is a higher energy dog. She’s confident, but she can be a little anxious in some situations. She is somewhat selective of her friends, but she will love you forever once she knows you.

Max(Lhasa Apso, Male): GOING INTO FOSTER!

Gizmo(Shih Tzu, Male): ADOPTED! 

Moto(Chihuahua, Male): ADOPTED!

Diego: ADOPTED! 

Fawn: Undergoing Medical Care 

Toby(Working Breed, Male): ADOPTED! 

Toby is a young adolescent – super spunky guy! He has medium energy and medium confidence.  He is a little nervous and confused in intense social situations, but should only get more confident and comfortable as he builds relationships. 

Interested in any of these sweet souls?  Complete this application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.

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