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He Was Heartbroken When He Had To Give Her Up But She Finds The Best New Family

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Lens And Leash: Who is this adoption story about?

Janelle Holden: Nina, a 7.5 year old spayed female border collie mix.

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt?

Janelle Holden: I had been in the animal welfare world for about 8 years at that point and grew up in a family that was committed to rescuing animals from shelters. My previous dog had passed away about a year prior and we were finally ready to commit to adopting another family member.

Lens And Leash: When and where did you adopt Nina?

Janelle Holden: I adopted Nina March 2016 from the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter.

Lens And Leash: How old was Nina when you adopted her and do you know anything about her life before you adopted her?

Janelle Holden: She was about 5.5 years old at the time and was brought into the shelter as a stray that nobody ever reclaimed. Through her microchip, I was able to get in touch with her ORIGINAL owner who had to give her up the prior year due to his deteriorating health. It was clear within seconds that he dearly loved her and was absolutely heartbroken that he had to rehome her in the first place… in addition to the fact that the new owners didn’t commit to her. He did say, however, that it gave him closure and peace knowing she would now be in her forever home.

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt Nina specifically?

Janelle Holden: I fostered her one night to keep an eye on her following an infection in her mouth from a piece of a stick she had chewed on. Within half an hour, my husband started asking questions about her such as “So what’s her story? Does she like swimming? Could she be a rafting dog? Is she good with other dogs and kids?” and at that point I knew he, too, had fallen in love with her. She was well-mannered in the house and LOVED going on hikes, bike rides, ski jaunts, etc. which is what we were looking for as we are pretty active outside. She adored our son and became best friends with our other dog instantly – that’s when we knew she was there to stay.

Lens And Leash: What is your favorite quirk about Nina?

Janelle Holden: When she lays down, she crosses her front legs, all elegant like the proper lady that she is 🙂

Lens And Leash: Did you have to do any training with her after you adopted her?

Janelle Holden: The majority of her training has been basic obedience skills and recall work but she was already housebroken and well-socialized so it was easy!

Lens And Leash: What tips or pieces of advice would you offer to people that are looking to adopt for the first time?

Janelle Holden: I would definitely recommend that people research the breed they’re interested in. If they want a couch potato family pet, a border collie or herding dog is probably not a good option as they need a lot more exercise and stimulation. Also, the age of the animal is critical – do you have enough time to work on housebreaking and socializing a young puppy? Or is an older, lazier dog a better fit for your lifestyle? Dogs are time sensitive, not space sensitive, and a big commitment. The same goes for cats. Do you need a pet that will be joining a few other pets in your home already or that is already good with children? Their histories can tell you a lot about what may or may not be a good fit in conjunction with age/breed.

Lens And Leash: Would you adopt again and would you adopt from the same shelter/rescue?

Janelle Holden: Absolutely (to both)!!!!

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