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AWSOM – Animal Welfare of Monroe County

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We are excited to partner up with our first animal shelter on the east side of the country, called Animal Welfare Society of Monroe or to everyone there, AWSOM! They have created an incredible wellness center for the animals of Monroe County, offering numerous and affordable services to help both cats and dogs lead healthier and happier lives.

Their vision is to provide a lasting safe haven shelter for unwanted companion animals throughout Monroe County, PA. They seek to end the cycle of pet overpopulation through the widespread education about and practice of spay and neuter. 

The crew of staff and volunteers that make up this incredible operation is impressive. One of the amazing volunteers is John Auer that goes in every week to photograph all the new animals. For our cuteness overload post, they wanted to highlight the amazing animals that have been at AWSOM for an extended period of time so they can find their furever homes!

AWSOM has the same dream as Lens and Leash where we envision a world without kill shelters. Let’s all work together to make this dream come true.

Lens And Leash: What Is Your Shelter/Rescue’s Name And What Year Was It Formed?

AWSOM: Animal Welfare of Monroe County established 2009 when the SPCA pulled all association with the county leaving a void; so we established a private shelter to take care of the county needs. We have 9 shelter employees and dozens of amazing volunteers. We are a 501c3 and run totally on donations.

Lens And Leash: Where Is Your Rescue Located?

AWSOM: We are located at  3129 Godfrey Ridge Drive in Stroudsburg, Pa 18360.

Lens And Leash: How Many Animals Can You House At A Time?

AWSOM: We can house 26 dogs and 35 cats.

Lens And Leash: Are You Considered A No Kill Shelter? If Not, What Does That Mean?

AWSOM: Yes, we are no kill. We keep them until they can find their furever home.

Lens And Leash: How Do You Encourage People To Adopt?

AWSOM: We do events, public outreach, fundraising and have a strong web page. We visit schools and encourage participation of the community to volunteer.

Lens And Leash: Do You Have Any Events Or Projects That You Are Currently Running Or Planning For?

AWSOM: Yes we do we are active in fund raising since it takes every dollar to keep our efforts running. Here is a list of current posted events:

  • April 7 – Tricky Tray & Dinner @ Kalahari
  • July 8 – 9th Annual Crazy For Cars
  • July 14 – Wine & Whiskers @ The Renegade Winery
  • August 25 – 4th Annual AWSOM-est Bike Run
  • October 13 – AWSOM Octoberfest @ Pocono Brewing Co.

Lens And Leash: If We Could Help In Any Way Possible, What Would You Ask For?

AWSOM: Our greatest wish is for an x-ray machine for our low cost clinic that we started two years ago. We found many surrendering their life time loving pets due to the fact of illness and could not afford medical costs.We are open five days a week to do spay, neuter, skin/ear/eye issues, tumors, surgeries that do not require overnight care, vaccines, blood work. We have so many that bring animals that need x -rays to determine need. We truly wish that we had one so we could continue to help the truly needy in their time of need.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Average Number Of Animals Needing To Be Adopted Each Month?

AWSOM: We are small but mighty. We average 1200 animals per year. They are from Monroe County/Pa. We do not bring in from outside the area there are enough needing help here. We take them in, care for them and then adopt to their new furever homes.

Lens And Leash: What Are The Shelter/Rescue’s Goals For This Year?

AWSOM: We have several goals: to finish the cattery. We have a 10x 28 building that we will turn into a free roaming cat room so they will not be in their spaces all day long. We need to finish the HVAC and electric so adopters can meet and greet in an open area. We need to upgrade our shelter aged air conditioning system, continue to get outdoor pens so all dogs can spend their days outside in the fresh air when it is nice. We wish for a cover to the play area so we can get dogs out even if raining or snow, and continue to establish a fund to help those that come that are so in need that do not have the resources to save their beloved pets in need.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way For People In Your Community To Help?

AWSOM: Our community is wonderful but like for all economic times are tough. But we can always use food for cats and dogs and now that it is kitten season special needs to save the day old and weeks old kitten that will brought in in bins and bags and boxes. Monetary is always helpful so that we can apply to our greatest need at the time, may be cleaning supplies, medical needs, leashes, collars, spay/neuter.

Lens And Leash: What Is The Best Way To Help Reduce The Number Of Euthanizations Per Year Besides Spay And Neutering?

AWSOM: Animals are the product of how they are raised and what humans have done to them . Animals that have learned hate and aggression need time, love and retraining. Animals want to be loved and give love and it is our mission to find and re-establish trust and love so that they can be adopted.

Lens And Leash: Anything Additional You Would Like Share?

AWSOM: We encourage all to do something no matter how little. Every dollar, every hour given, every donation means the world. All come in with so many needs and confused. We rebuild, provide love, medical care until eyes shine and tail wag we are their family.


Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM)
3129 Godfrey Ridge Dr, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
(570) 421-3647

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