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She Was Separated From Her Mom Too Early But That Didn’t Stop Her

Written by Lens And Leash

Lens And Leash: Who is this adoption story about?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: Izzy, my little mutt from Mexico.

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: I grew up with adopted dogs and cats and I knew when the time was right that I would want to adopt a dog and that the right dog would come along at the right time. It also helps that I work at the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY and I am passionate about adopting animals rather than purchasing them from stores or breeders. There are so may wonderful animals in shelters waiting for homes that it just makes sense to me to adopt!

Lens And Leash: When and where did you adopt Izzy?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: I adopted Izzy from Isla Animals, a rescue in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. A vet tech from Jackson Animal Hospital was there helping with a spay/neuter clinic and flew four puppies back home with her. I met Izzy the day after she flew here and I knew I had to have her. I took her home on October 3rd, 2017, and adopted her two days later!

Lens And Leash: How old was Izzy when you adopted her and do you know anything about her life before you adopted her?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: She was around 10 weeks old when I adopted her. All I know is that she was a part of a litter that was separated from their mom too early and she ended up by herself at the rescue in Mexico. She has always been spunky and even when she was a tiny puppy at their rescue she wanted to wrestle with the bigger dogs! Not a thing has changed and she is always punching way above her weight at the dog park. She LOVES to play with dogs!

Lens And Leash: What made you decide to adopt Izzy specifically?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: I was just waiting for the right dog to come along. Working at the Animal Adoption Center I have tons of opportunities to foster any dog I want and I fostered a bunch of dogs before I met Izzy. I am a big believer that when it is the right dog you will just know. That is what happened with her. It was totally on accident that I met her and I took her home and never looked back, even though I hadn’t necessarily planned on adopting a tiny puppy! She just checked all my boxes and I got that feeling that I couldn’t imagine life without her. She is perfect!

Lens And Leash: What is your favorite quirk about Izzy?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: There are so many I don’t know if I can pick my favorite! When she yawns she makes a little squeak sometimes and its adorable. Also when she stretches after sleeping she points her back toes and it is so cute. And also her ears are so cute. When she was tiny they were floppy and now they are mostly pointy and they are so expressive along with her face wrinkles! As you can see I think that everything about her is adorable. Oh and she also has little swirly cowlicks on her butt that are just the best.

Lens And Leash: Did you have to do any training with her after you adopted her?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: Yes! I took her to a puppy social hour until she was 5 months old. It was so good for her socialization and learning proper play behavior. Thanks to that she loves other dogs so much. I have done one private session with a trainer and we are currently in a basic obedience group class with the same trainer. Training is a constant process with a puppy so I think it is really important and plus its really fun and good for those doggy brains!

Lens And Leash: What tips or pieces of advice would you offer to people that are looking to adopt for the first time?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: Like I said I truly believe that when the right dog comes along you will know it in your heart! As someone that works for a rescue I would advise that people looking to adopt from rescues and shelters need to respect the process that rescues have in place. It is a big job to place dogs with the right people and it is always complicated and emotional, so taking your time and not forcing a situation is the way to go. It is also important to research the breeds that you think you are interested in. Too many animals end up in shelters because the people that bought or adopted them didn’t understand the breed and the behaviors that are inherent to them. I also would recommend that anyone adopting a young puppy should seek out a puppy social group. It is so beneficial for socializing and really lays the groundwork for positive behavior! Anyone with a puppy should do research in their local area to find a puppy social class.

Lens And Leash: Would you adopt again and would you adopt from the same shelter/rescue?

Virginia Faulkner-Monks: Yes and yes! I hope I get the chance to go down to Mexico and help with a spay/neuter clinic in Isla Mujeres. I will always adopt my animals, it is the best way to find your best friend!

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