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To start off the new year we went into the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter with local photographer Florence McCall to photograph the animals up for adoption. As animals get surrendered, abandoned or lost to shelters it is always good to look towards a brighter future for them instead of losing hope.

Flo McCall is incredibly talented at capturing an animal’s character, simply through their eyes. Each of the animals in the shelter have a story to tell and a personality to express, whether it comes out right away or through time, after trust is established.

If we could open our minds and our hearts to these amazing beings we will find that it is not the outside that steals our hearts but their huge love for life, infectious energy and their devotion to someone willing to give them a loving home. To focus more on their personality than what they actually look like is what people need to be open-minded about. These fur babies have gone through traumatic experiences but it doesn’t change them from wanting to love someone again.

Knowing that you could give an animal a loving home for the rest of their life whether it be an older animal or just a baby, the goal is having a sweet companion to share this incredible thing we call life with them.

Check out these adorable characters that are still available and would love to call you their new family and furever home.

Thank you to Flo McCall and the Teton County Animal Shelter for showing us your own unique expression of love for all of these sweet souls!

Honey (Adult Female, Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Update – Working With A Trainer To Help Her Find Her Forever Honey is a sweet, loving girl with a lot to offer. Her prior living situation was not the best for her, so we are working on correcting some of the behaviors she has learned. She is very smart and responsive to people, but will need continued socialization and training work in her new home. She would do best in a home without other animals or small children. Given the right setting, Honey could excel and make a wonderful companion.

Prince (Adult Male, Basenji Mix)

Update – Adopted! Prince is a kind, older soul. He is looking for that special person that will scoop him up and offer countless evenings of cuddles and belly rubs. Prince seems mostly indifferent to other animals, but may best be suited for a solo pet household.

Domino (Adult Female, Pit Bull Terrier)

Domino is a sweet, loving and friendly young lady that is looking for an active owner that will spoil her with attention and take her on many exciting adventures. She has a very kind demeanor and a face you can’t resist. Domino would do best in a home with no other animals. She knows how to sit, shake, lay down and roll over!

Willow (Adult Female, Great Pyrenees & Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Mix)

This lovely girl does great with people, especially young kids. She would be best suited for a home as the only furry friend as her Pyrenees instinct tells her to protect her home. Willow has plentiful amounts of love to give her people and can’t wait to meet her new forever family!

Aries (Female Kitten, Domestic Short Hair)

Update – Adopted! In the words of Ace of Base: “I saw the sign”. Who would have thought this whole time they had been referring to kittens? Well don’t hold us to that, but it’s a nice thought and I guess you never know.

Boris (Male Kitten, Domestic Short Hair)

Update – Adopted! Loving and affectionate 6 month old fellow that was surrendered with his sister Natasha. When not being a thorn in Rocky and Bullwinkle’s sides, Boris enjoys reposing in the sun’s warm rays on a comfy bed reading his favorite spy novel.

Natasha (Female Kitten, Tortoiseshell, Domestic Short Hair)

Like her brother Boris, she is friendly and affectionate, but takes a tad longer to warm up. It’s no wonder however seeing as she has spent most of her life in the bitter cold of Siberia. Her likes include sipping hot cocoa and faux fur trimmed coats.

Snickers (Domestic Shop Hair, Kitten Male, Medium)

This cute little rascal is the last of his litter of 5 and is ready to party with his new people. He loves the company of other cats and will bond with people if they are patient and kind. His likes include snuggling with roommate Stripes, giving Stripes back massages and small dinner parties.

Khan (Domestic Shop Hair, Kitten Female, Medium)

Adorable, friendly and playful kitten. She takes slightly longer than her sister Chaka to warm up, but has plenty of love and snuggles to give once she is comfy!

Harley (Adult Male, Domestic Long Hair)

Harley is an incredibly handsome 8 year old kitty that was surrendered with his sister Muffy due to housing. He has been with Muffy since birth and we are hopeful to find them a home together. Harley has lived inside only his entire life and would likely prefer to keep that going. He is very affectionate and loving once he settles in to his environment and feels comfortable.

Crumbs (Young Female, Siamese Mix)

Update – Adopted! Crumbs is a young female Siamese mix that is adorable and tremendously affectionate with people. She doesn’t mind other cats and actually seems to like their company. Her mouse-hunting prowess is finely honed and she would love to handle your vermin problem. In addition to her hunting abilities, she also has perfected her snuggle abilities and will settle for nothing less than the comfiest lap available!

Patsy (Adult Female, Domestic Short Hair)

Patsy is a mellow, somewhat timid gal that has spent the majority of her life living on a ranch. She was allowed indoor/outdoor access, but would likely prefer to be mostly a house cat as she does not excel in the mouse-hunting field. She would love a nice lap to rest on and copious amounts of head scratches!

Roxy (Senior Female, Domestic Short Hair)

Friendly older lady that is seeking a pleasant retirement home to live out her golden years. While she would love a beach front condo in Miami, she is not opposed to other locales as long as they are toasty warm. Roxy is blind, but does a very fine job of navigating around her surroundings. She enjoys the company of humans and does not mind other mellow felines.

Zeplin (Manx, Domestic Short Hair Mix, Adult, Male, Large Tabby)

Zeplin is a great indoor/outdoor mouser that is friendly, affectionate and loves people! Very tolerant and would make a lovely family addition.

Mongoose (Domestic Short Hair, Adult, Male, Medium, Black & White/Tuxedo)

Need a barn cat or indoor/outdoor mouser? Mongoose is your man! He seemingly has been out on his own for a while and doesn’t care much for human attention, although he will tolerate it. He would prefer an independent lifestyle to hunt and just be a cat.

Virgil (Domestic Long Hair & Maine Coon Mix, Adult Male, Medium)

Update – Adopted! Virgil is a wondrous tripod of a kitty that is extremely friendly, loving and easy going. He has the greatest personality you could ask for in a family pet. He is also very tolerant and doesn’t seem to mind other cats. Virgil says that one of his favorite past times is lying in the sun and feeling the wind rush through his billowy mane and he can’t wait to share these joyful moments with you!!

Molly Malone (Domestic Medium Hair, Adult Female, Medium)

Update – Adopted! Molly is a loving and affectionate lady who is looking for a friendly family to give her an indoor home. She does well with kids and dogs. She is also tolerant and snuggly- everything you want in a family cat. Go ahead- give her a pet- let her show off her big “motor”!

Fender (Domestic Medium Hair, Adult Male, Large)

Update – Adopted! Fender is a great indoor/outdoor mouser that is friendly, affectionate and loves people! Very tolerant and would make a lovely family addition.

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